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Links to Related Sites

  •  The Boat Jumble Association - For an up-to-date list of Boat Jumbles.

  •  Braunston Marina - Information on buying and selling a boat and many other vital services and facilities.

  •  British Waterways (The official BW site) - British Waterways is the public body responsible for maintaining and developing the waterways and their heritage. Check this link for current information on stoppages, news etc.

  •  British Waterways (Unofficial) - (Was?) an excellent site dedicated to all aspects of the inland waterways.

  •  Canal and Riverboat Magazine - This site gives all the details of the contents of the magazine, with added information about the book and video club, together with diary dates. One of the best listings of coming events.

  •  George Pearson's Canal Boating in the U.K. and Europe - a large resource of canal related material containing many links to related sites. The ones here include a small selection from those on the site.

  •  Canals & Waterways: Roots & Routes - a web site dedicated to the history and descriptions of almost every British Canal ever to have existed... and some that were no more than a dream. Currently there are about 100 waterways listed including many river navigations and all of the Norfolk Broads waterways. The history (Roots) of each individual waterway is described in chronological order. Each waterway's description (Route) is presented in a way that takes the reader from one end of the route to the other, including any branches or "sub-canals".


  •  The Derby Sandiacre Canal. - One of the better society sites, depicting the work on the canal. You are straight into a well designed index page, with plenty of information, not only about the society, but what it is doing and trying to achieve. An interesting page taken from its magazine and a better than average route map.

  •  The Energy Development Co-operative Ltd. - promote sustainable products and renewable energy technologies.
    Aim to supply the most efficient, reliable and practicable technologies for generating renewable energy, at affordable prices.

  •  H & H Narrowboat Hotels - Not just an advert for their hotel boats Hind and Hart, but contains some resources useful for any boater:
    • A guide to food shopping on the cut, including mooring tips.
    • A guide to 30 of their favourite canal pubs.
    • A cinema on the cut guide.
    • A guide to over 20 museums on the cut or near by.
    • Updated nature notes divided by season.
    • A guide to churches and cathedrals on the cut.
    • Recipes and a newsletter.
    • A links list.

  •  The Inland Waterways Association (IWA), the organisation that represents the boaters of the waterways, and represents those interests very well indeed. The site gives a wealth of information about the activities of the association. It is a must for any boater.

  •  The Inland Waterways Heritage Network site contains contact details for most UK waterways museums and restoration projects etc.

  •  The Inland Waterways Protection Society Ltd. - campaigns for the Restoration, Preservation and Development of the Inland Waterways of Great Britain.


  •  Jim Shead's Waterways Information - This must be the largest site on the 'net! Though not particularly a news site, it has literally everything else! The system, its history, boats, canal boating, route planning, articles, maps, books and some very detailed cruises, all with plenty of photographs. And numerous links. Will keep you happy for hours.

  •  The Jolly Roger Boat Centre - on the Lancaster Canal at Catforth.

  •  Lancashire Hotpots - "The definitive guide to the County of Lancashire."
    The authors aim to promote the county of Lancashire on the Internet and to date there are over 500 pages of information with a strong local history content. At present they are concentrating on increasing the coverage of the Lancashire waterways.

  •  Lancashire Online

  •  The Lancaster Canal Trust - aims to "restore and re-open to navigation the disused section of the canal from Tewitfield, just north of Carnforth, to Kendal."

  •  Leeds & Liverpool Canal Society

  •  The London Canal Museum - see inside a narrowboat cabin, learn about the history of London's canals, about the cargoes carried, the people who lived and worked on the waterways, and the horses that pulled their boats. Peer down into a huge Victorian ice well used to store ice imported from Norway and brought by ship and canal boat to be stored. The Museum is housed in a former ice warehouse built in the 1850's for Carlo Gatti, the famous ice cream manufacturer, and also features the history of the ice trade and ice cream.

  •  The Manchester, Bolton & Bury Canal Society - formed in 1987 with the aims of preserving the line of the canal, the immediate restoration for multi-purpose recreation of all parts of the canal which remain in water and the eventual restoration of the whole canal to full navigable standard.


  •   Millennium Ribble Link - The site currently includes progress reports for the project and will be developed to hold details about how to book passage on the Link, skipper notes, tide times and other information about the Link as well as links to other web sites.

  •  Mike Clarke's Home Page "Canals and canal boats, steam engines and vintage cars, water mills and wind mills, these have all been part of my work as a professional industrial and canal historian and restoration engineer. Is there some research or advice you need relating to historic machinery and its restoration and operation?"

  •  Graham Dean's River Ribble pages - Photographs of the River Ribble from Source to Sea, along with captions. The web pages are designed as a resource for primary schools, but may be of more general interest.

  •  The National Waterways Museum

  •  The Pennine Waterways site. Current news of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal restoration, the Rochdale Canal and more.

  •  The River Thames Guide - "Where to eat, rest and play"

  •  Sankey Canal Restoration Society - Aims to achieve the full restoration of the Canal. The Society actively publicises and promotes the cause of the Canal, particularly in the three Boroughs through which it runs - Widnes (Halton), Warrington, and St Helens.

  •  The UK Canals site

  •  Walking on Water - All about Nick Corble's new book, Walking on Water, the story of his adventures through the canal system, brought about by his need to take his narrowboat Florrie 250 miles south, with a rotation of different crews. A must for those whose interest is cruises.

  •  The UK Waterways Network Web Ring

  •  The official Waterway Recovery Group site.

    •  London branch of the Waterway Recovery Group. Canal restoration gigs held every few weeks.
    •  The Waterway Recovery Group - Navvies Anonymous web site. This volunteer group is a sub-section of the Waterway Recovery Group Ltd. which in turn is the restoration branch of the Inland Waterways Association.


  •  The Waterways Directory - An extremely extensive directory covering virtually every aspect of the waterways' scene. A site with its own search engine, which surely is needed to search such a vast directory. With all the normal waterway information and even listing of surveyors, gifts and finances. A most informative site indeed.

  •  Waterways On-Line - The Internet magazine of the Inland Waterways Association.


  •  Wilderness Boats - A site with a sense of humour! It is very well laid out and attractive. A well designed site with rather better than normal content.

  •  Worsley Underground Canals - Site under development, but has lovely aerial view of the tomato soup canal on the opening page.

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