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The Ribble Link
-Rufford Branch route is tidal
Boats should carry as a minimum; anchor/chain/warp/VHF radio or mobile
phone/lifejackets/fire fighting equipment/coastal flares. Check your boat insurance covers tidal waters.

For help whilst navigating the River Ribble, please contact- Preston Riverway Control on
VHF Channel 16 or telephone 01772 726871.

Rufford Branch Locks
Length 62ft 18.90m
Beam 14ft 3in 4.34m
Headroom 8ft 2.44m

Ribble Link Locks
Length 72ft (21.9m). Beam 14ft.3 (4.27m).
Headroom 7ft 8in (2.3m). Draught 4ft (1.2m).
but a tight turn restricts passage to long narrowboats or short broad-beam boats - long, broad-beam boats may not be able to pass.

Owners of broad-beam boats should contact the Canal  and River Trust for more details.
Anything up to 10ft is the recommended maximum beam, due to restrictions at the Sewer Pipe crossing. All lengths can be lowered if required, though this would be dependent on inspection by the operational staff.
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The only Canal to be built for Leisure purposes.
History in the making, John Young & Cliff Fazackerly-BBC
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New book written by
Cliff Fazackely
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